FxJj18 - GL 6332
Age approx. 1.60 Million Years Digital Capture: Laser Scan

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This small tool is a Karari Industry chopper, and was crafted from a small basalt pebble core. It shows some signs of retouching that charactises the Karari Industy tools. This chopper was made from a lava pebble, and was recovered from the FxJj18 excavation in the Okote Member (1.65-1.39 Ma)

FxJj18 is a site with abundant Karari Industry tools. The Karari Industry is a variant of the Olduwan Industrial Complex, and is made up of numerous cores, scrapers and retouched pieces.

The Karari Industry, is characterized by these simple cores and flakes where sharp cutting edges are produced with little effort through simple percussion of a core against an anvil. The variability of the tools of this age between sites is dependent on the quality of the raw material.


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