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While working on the KNMER 820 hominid screening near Ileret, on the east side of Lake Turkana, members of the Koobi Fora Research Project were startled by the sound of a bullet whistling past their heads. They immediately ran for cover in some nearby bush, half way up a hillside and waited until the local tribesman who had fired the shot moved on. While they were anxiously waiting they spotted this lower jaw close to where they were crouched. They would not have looked in this unlikely patch of thorn had it not been for this unexpected incident. This lower jaw was designated as the type specimen of Homo ergaster by Colin Groves in 19. Groves believed that the African specimens of Homo erectus differed from specimens of Homo erectus from Asia. Hence, Homo erectus in Africa is sometimes referred to as Homo ergaster. However, new specimens from both Kenya and Ethiopia have shown that there are no consistent differences between these two species and today the fossils of Homo ergaster are more generally all referred to as Homo erectus.

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Homo erectus
Master Image: 
Fossil Group: 
1.5 million years
Date of Discovery: 
Body Element: 
Ileret, East Turkana
4° 18' 12.1212" N, 36° 16' 15.2688" E


The specimens displayed on this site are published specimens unless otherwise indicated. The information about the artifacts on this site is of a general nature only and unless otherwise indicated, has been written either by members of the African Fossils team, the National Museums of Kenya or the Turkana Basin Institute. The printed models are not of a high enough resolution to enable accurate scientific measurements and have generated using photogrammetry and in some cases low resolution digital models have been generated using laser scanners.

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