FxJj18 - GL 6125
Age approx. 1.60 Million Years Digital Capture: Laser Scan

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3D Models

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African Fossils Forum


This tool is an Olduwan core made from a basalt cobble. It is a Karari Industry tool which is a variant of the Olduwan. The Karari Industry, is characterized by these simple cores and flakes. Sharp cutting edges are produced with little effort through simple percussion of a core against an anvil. The variability of the tools of this age between sites is dependent on the quality of the raw material.


The specimens displayed on this site are published specimens unless otherwise indicated. The information about the artifacts on this site is of a general nature only and unless otherwise indicated, has been written either by members of the African Fossils team, the National Museums of Kenya or the Turkana Basin Institute. The printed models are not of a high enough resolution to enable accurate scientific measurements and have generated using photogrammetry and in some cases low resolution digital models have been generated using laser scanners.

The information in this site is subject to change without notice.

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