Eurygnathohippus cornelianum
KNMER 61173
Age approx. 1.78 Million Years Digital Capture: Laser Scan

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The three toed horses, the Hipparionini, lived alongside the single hoofed forms in the genus Equus. All the Hipparionini from the Plio-Pleistocene of the Turkana Basin are placed in the genus Eurygnathohippus

The several species of Eurygnathohippus, the largest of which is Eurygnathohippus hasumense. The Eurygnathohippus cornelianus lineage is comprised of medium-sized hipparionines, which are more specialist grazers than Eurygnathohippus hasumense.

This mandible is a right mandible with a lower P4 - M3.


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