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Age approx. 0.70 Million Years Digital Capture: Photogrammetry

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Stromatolites are a trace fossil of the biofilms of blue green algae that grow around an object such as shell of an oyster or other mollusc. As the algal filaments grow outwards, sediment is continually deposited and accreted onto the surface of the algae, thus increases in size forming the distinctive concentric rings that you see when the fossil is broken in cross section. They form knobbles round boulders and can reach sizes of a meter wide in the fossil record. Stromatolites grow in shallow, hypersaline pools in shore settings, inhospitable to molluscs which might otherwise graze on the algae. Modern day examples of marine stromatolites can be found in Shark Bay in Australia.


The specimens displayed on this site are published specimens unless otherwise indicated. The information about the artifacts on this site is of a general nature only and unless otherwise indicated, has been written either by members of the African Fossils team, the National Museums of Kenya or the Turkana Basin Institute. The printed models are not of a high enough resolution to enable accurate scientific measurements and have generated using photogrammetry and in some cases low resolution digital models have been generated using laser scanners.

The information in this site is subject to change without notice.

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All copyright for the images and 3D models on this page belong to African Fossils and National Museums of Kenya and are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike License.