Homo erectus
KNMER 3733
Age approx. 1.75 Million Years Digital Capture: Structured Light Scanner

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This nearly complete cranium was found in 1975 by Bernard Ngeneo. The brow ridges above the eyes were just visible, exposed on the surface. Richard Leakey carefully excavated this very fragile specimen over about three days. This is one of the most complete skulls of Homo erectus from Africa, with a face and teeth. Dated at 1.75 million years, it lived alongside several other species of hominins. At the time of its discovery this was not believed to be the case; there were still paleontologists and archaeologists who believed that there was only one lineage of early humans and all hominin species ascended in one single line. This large brained hominin is on our direct line of decent. 1.8 million years ago, Homo erectus became the first hominin to migrate out of Africa.


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