Paranthropus boisei
Age approx. 1.70 Million Years Digital Capture: Photogrammetry

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This partial skull has the right side of the face preserved and with some dentition too. It was discovered by Henry Mutua in 1970, from a site near Ileret, in Area 10. It is thought to belong to a female Paranthropus boisei, sharing many similar anatomical characteristics to the more robust male forms, including brain size, but it has smaller facial features and lacks the distinctive sagittal crest that is found in the males, such as KNM-ER 406 and OH5 (from Olduvai Gorge). The acceptance of the significant difference between the body size of male and female Paranthropus boisei led to a re-examination of other hominid species for evidence of sexual dimorphism.


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