Homo rudolfensis
KNMER 62003
Age approx. 1.93 Million Years Digital Capture: Photogrammetry

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This is a piece of mandible belonging to an adult or late sub-adult individual of Homo rudolfensis. The fragment of the right side of the mandible, extends from the midline and preserves some of the roots and the molar crowns of three of the teeth.

This specimen was discovered by Robert Moru, in July in 2007, while with other members of the Koobi Fora Reserch Project, he was exploring Area 130 on the east side of Lake Turkana. It complements the newly described complete mandible, and adds to the very small sample of specimens that can be confidently attributed to the species Homo rudolfensis. This is one of three new specimens of Homo rudolfensis published in Nature on August 9th 2012.


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