Paranthropus boisei
Age approx. 1.70 Million Years Digital Capture: Photogrammetry

What a beautiful print!  Thank you for sharing these scans. 


The bounding box dimensions in mm for this skull are x: 185.5 y: 177.7 and z: 139.3


Hi Stef,

We have updated the downloadable 3D files. They are now correctly scaled for printing. The dimensions of the full skull in mm are 177.6, 139.3, 185.8. I have copied the same message to your address.

The download resulted in a very small image. Could you please send me the dimensions of the skull so I can scale it up to life-size for printing in 3D.

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Exploring the then unknown sites of east Turkana near Ileret in 1969 using camels and with Kamoya Kimeu and Peter Nzube, Richard and Meave Leakey, were walking along a dry sand river, when they saw looking directly at them, this skull of ER 406! It had some sandstone adhering to the orbits and it was without teeth, but was otherwise complete. It had clearly rolled out of the bank of the dry river during the last rains and would most certainly have been washed away in the next rainy season. It was carried back to camp on the back of one of the camels! This skull is the same species as OH5 (Paranthropus boisei) that Mary Leakey discovered at Olduvai Gorge almost exactly 10 years earlier. The skull has the characteristic pronounced saggital crest running along the top of the skull and would have been a male individual.


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