Afropithecus turkanensis
Afropithecus turkanensis
Age approx. 17.00 Million Years Digital Capture: Photogrammetry
KNMWK 16999

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This partial skull of the extinct ape Afropithecus turkanensis,is the type specimen of this Miocene hominoid. It was found by on the west Side of Turkana in 1986 at a site called Kalodirr, from which an additional 46 fragmentary specimens were recovered. 

This skull has a narrow palate with distingtive incisors that appear to protrude forward in the upper jaw, and a unworn adult dention which is distinctively thick enamelled.  

Publication:  Leakey RE, Leakey MG, Walker AC (July 1988). "Morphology of Afropithecus turkanensis from Kenya". Am. J. Phys. Anthropol. 76 (3): 289–307


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